Designing socket messaging format

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Tue Nov 13 03:33:47 CET 2001

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> Manoj Plakal wrote:
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>           Forgot to add: the requirement could
>           be re-stated as that of a portable, light-weight
>           library for "instant-messaging" between applications
>           running on the same machine.
A somewhat loose specification...

>           This might cover a lot of cases where you don't
>           need RPC semantics (no return value expected)

But some sort of response will usually be required, even if it's a simple

>           and you're sending simple data values (so no
>           need of full-blown XML or other elaborate encoding).

How simple is simple? ASCII strings of less than 256 characters you might
get away with...\

>           And you may not even need a reliable transport
>           protocol (so no need of HTTP or even TCP).
>           XML-RPC is cool but it seems like a really
>           big and overweight hammer.
Oh, so you don't mind if Word prints file "xyy.doc" when you ask it to print

>           E.g., sending a message to Word asking it
>           to print a file, or asking Mozilla to open
>           a web page, or an MP3 playlist manager
>           accepting a request to play/pause/stop, etc.
Can we say "UDP?

not-reinventing-wheels-is-good-ly y'rs  - steve

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