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Thu Nov 22 04:25:01 CET 2001

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> On 20 Nov 2001 12:19:35 GMT, Uwe Schmitt <uwe at> wrote:
> >I'd prefer indexing from one, because it's the notion used in
> >mathematics, most existing algorithms are formulated this way.
> Mathematicians do not really care about whether the index starts with zero
> or one.  They just need some index, which could start from 42 if you want.
> But when they do care, such as defining the axioms of natural numbers,
> seem to prefer starting from zero as well

On the other hand, most work with matricies has indexing starting from 1.
Noone uses matrix indices (0,0). Note that MatLab does it's indexing from 1,
and I thought that nupy is thought of as a replacement for matlab? The whole
idea of using software to do mathematics is to have a language which feels
natural to translate the maths into the program.

.  I initially learned
> programming in Fortran, but when I learned C later it felt much more
> natural.  I guess some other people might feel the same way too.
Not me!


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