Python & cgi on win98--tinyweb problems, etc

Chris Stromberger bit_bucket5 at
Fri Nov 16 02:06:54 CET 2001

I'm looking for a solution to this:
I want to run a personal web server to run python cgi scripts that
interact with a mysql database on a windows 98 pc that's connected to
the internet via cable modem.  I would rather avoid all security
issues and only allow the web server to serve pages to localhost--this
setup will be for a single user of the pc, no remote users, etc.  Very
simple.  So, I don't need a fancy web server.  Any advice?

I have tried apache and it works fine, of course, but I think it's too
heavyweight for what I want here.

I found tinyweb on the internet, and it looks promising, but I can't
get it to run a python cgi script.  It will run a test windows
executable that I placed in the cgi-bin directory, so it's some
problem specific to python and tinyweb.  Any clues?  The tinyweb
documentation is pretty minimal.

Any other recommendations for small simple web servers for this

Many thanks!


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