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Aidan Finn <aidan.finn at ucd.ienospam> wrote:
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>> Unless you used Tkinter's canvas widget, this wasn't a fair test.
> I haven't used any GUI toolkit other than Tkinter. Is the canvas widget
> in Tkinter significantly better/worse than those in other toolkits?

There is one area where the Tkinter canvas is more capable than the Qt
canvas, and that's in that it has a multi-line text item. Qt's QCanvasText is
single-line. On the other hand Qt canvas items can be animated and
automated. I don't know whether Tkinter allows the multiple views on
the same canvas that Qt allows.

By the way, I don't think that a canvas, whether Q or Tk would
be the solution for a data visualisation problem that involves
pixel-plotting.  I'd use Gerard Vermeulen's PyQwt for that, which
neatly interfaces with numpy. ( and, still without
the screenshots)


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