If UR brand spanking new to programming (like me)...

Ophiel Magic ophiel_magick at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 15:55:30 CET 2001

I just started working with Python last week.  I have had NO
programming experience, other than writing macros for Access.  I was
fortunate to find this group and found, through the group, MANY online
resources.  Being a book-person, I also wanted to pick up a physical
book I could read when I'm sitting in coffee shops, or whatever. Gotta
have a book or two.  Borders had a decent selection of texts and I
went for the O'Reilly's book on "Learning Python," the Lutz/Asher
book.  It stated somewhere it was for the newbie type like me. I
bought that book and by page three was totally lost.  I bet it's a
good book IF you already know about programming.  After returning it
that same day, I found two other books that are geared to my level,
"Learn Program Using Python" by Alan Gauld and "Python 2.1 Bible" by
Bruock/Tanner.  The Gauld book takes one thru the simpliest concepts
of programming and helped make sense of all those mysterious lines of
words.  The Bible has a short introduction to programming as well.

This taught me a lesson...even though a book is advertised as
appropriate for a particular level, I'm going to take the time to sit
down and read a few pages and make sure it does just that.

Please post any responses to this to this newsgroup.

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