Post HTML checkboxes?

Gustaf Liljegren gustafl at
Mon Nov 12 14:23:55 CET 2001

"Skip Montanaro" <montanaro at> wrote:

> You need a "name" attribute in there somewhere.  I don't recognize "id".
> suspect it should be "name" instead.

Thanks, you're right! I'm trying to do this according to the current
standards, and 'id' has indeed replaced 'name' in most cases, and I thought
that was the case with forms elements too and that new web clients where
already aware of it. Section 4.10 in XHTML 1.0 says:

"In order to ensure that XHTML 1.0 documents are well-structured XML
documents, XHTML 1.0 documents MUST use the id attribute when defining
fragment identifiers, even on elements that historically have also had a
name attribute."


"Note that in XHTML 1.0, the name attribute of these elements is formally
deprecated, and will be removed in a subsequent version of XHTML."

But for some reason this has *not* happened  in the forms module in XHTML

The current forms module will soon be replaced by XForms, but in the
meantime I take it as if we should have both 'id' and 'name' in <input>

Thanks again,


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