OT: Teaching Logo (programming) to children

Jeff Sandys sandysj at juno.com
Wed Nov 7 23:43:20 CET 2001

Paul Rubbing wrote:
> ... (The Logo Foundation):
> http://el.www.media.mit.edu/groups/logo-foundation/

If you go to the products / software page you will 
find free versions of Logo at the bottom of the page.

I recommend UCBLogo for the PC, (dos or windows), mac, 
(68xxx or powermac) and c source for unix.  It features 
a lambda function and macros with other advanced features.  
The distribution includes documentation, help files and 
the Jove (a mini emacs) editor.  There is also a Logo 
mode available for emacs.  It is under the GNU license.

MSWLogo is a full up windows version of UCBLogo and it 
includes access to some windows widgets.

Elica is a Logo dialect with object extensions.

StarLogo is written in Java, runs on power macs and 
windows.  Each turtle and background cell can be 
programmed, new turtles and cells can have inheritance. 
It is useful for cellular automata and system simulations.

Jeff Sandys

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