any utilities to parse code??

Peter Bismuti peterb at
Sun Nov 25 17:44:15 CET 2001

There is a "compiler compiler" called JavaCC that can be used to
parse source code, it can be used to write compilers and it can
also be used to write tools for coding like "intellisense" which
offers a list of matching variable names, class methods, etc to
the user on-the-fly as they code.  This is in fact what I'm doing,
developing a voice driven IDE.  Python is the scripting language
for both the voice recognition software and for my editor.

I am looking for something similar but in Python.  Of all
the languages to parse by hand, I'd say that Python is
probably the easiest, but I'm not sure if embarking on
a mission to parse languages like Java is practical.  I'd
rather look for something that already exists.

I want to be able to parse source code and accurately generate
lists for the names of the following entitites:


I could then issue a command as follows:

"import module"

I would then be shown a list of module names and I
could choose one by issuing the command"

"choose 8"  or "choose system"

THanks if you have had the patience to read this far.

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