[ANN] pyLaTeX -LaTeX to HTML, XML, etc. Conversion Framework

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Nov 8 01:58:30 CET 2001

So, can it replace the latex2html generated python docs? That would be
the acid test... (and would probably make Fred happy, too...)


>>> Kevin Smith wrote
> pyLaTeX 1.0 alpha-1.1
> --------------------------------
> pyLaTeX is a LaTeX document processing framework written entirely in Python. 
> It comes bundled with HTML and generic XML renderers, and other renderers can
> be added as well. 
> pyLaTeX differs from other tools like LaTeX2HTML, TeX4ht, TtH, etc. in that 
> the parsing and rendering of the document are completely separated. This 
> separation makes it possible to render the document in multiple output 
> formats. It also allows the parser to create a cleaner document object, so 
> that the rendering process is easier. 
> This is the first public release of pyLaTeX and is not yet feature complete. 
> Most notably, there is no functionality for generating images from graphical 
> LaTeX environments and equations.
> Full documentation and downloads are available at 
> http://pylatex.sourceforge.net/.
> Kevin Smith
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