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Stephen Smith ssmith619 at
Sun Nov 25 18:45:35 CET 2001

I am currently using, and I don't like the service.  What are some
of those Russian ones?

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> On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 06:03:00PM -0600, Skip Montanaro wrote:
> >     Stephen> Hey, does anyone know of any free web hosting solutions
> >     Stephen> offer Python, and no banners or pop-up ads?
> >
> > I hate to play the devil's advocate here, but if they don't charge for
> > web hosting and don't put up ads, how are they supposed to make the
> > necessary to keep offering their services to you?  Oh, right, they take
> > personal info and sell it to direct marketing folks.
> does this - 15 megs, no banner, ftp access, email
> forwarding, statistics - all for free. But no Python.
>    There are few Russian free webservers providers that have no Python,
> have shell access, so I just installed Python myself. I am pretty sure
> there other, not Russian providers. Of course, there are banners and all
> that.
> Oleg.
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