IsPython really O-O?

kentsmith at kentsmith at
Sun Nov 11 02:13:47 CET 2001

A Smalltalk guru in our organization looked at Python last weekend (after I
had made a big scene saying that it may be a solution to some of our
cross-platform issues) and came away saying that it was no more
object-oriented than Java.  I sputtered around a bit but could hardly make a
decent argument, as I'm a mere designer.  We do very large-scale industrial
work here, all O-O, with object databases (I thought the ZODB business
looked great).  Is my friend right?  Is Python not "really" appropriate for
true O-O applications, in the sense that Viz-Age Smalltalk and Eifel and so
on are???

Kent Smith
<embarrassed and kicking himself in Toronto>

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