Python, licenses and CVS

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Thu Nov 29 20:48:58 CET 2001

David Bolen <db3l at> wrote in message news:<u7ksa2ih6.fsf at>...
> Gerhard =?unknown-8bit?Q?H=E4ring?= <gh_pythonlist at> writes:
> > If this is because it's a Micro$oft shop, Visual Source"safe" is a reasonable
> > version control software. Btw. CVS also has deficiencies like no history of
> > meta-operations like file moving/renaming, etc.
> (minor MS-bash .. Definitely agree on the CVS shortcomings, but but at
> least CVS handles branching reasonably)
> ...
> From my perspective, I haven't been overly enthusiastic about WinCVS
> (the cvsgui link), at least not enough to try to promote its use.

I'll speak for one here, on my own experience. I honestly tried very
hard to switch from SourceSafe to CVS. But the CVS world just seemed
kind of immature for Windows platform, and the disdain attitude of
some CVS developers towards the Windows platform did not help. After
wasting some time on various Windows adaptations of CVS, I gave up.
Enterprise Visual Studio is not that expensive anymore (especially if
you go to eBay). Given the long track record of CVS, I really don't
understand why the windows adaptation is still so primitive, why
documentations are so badly written. Website CVS resources are so
badly organized, too. I know CVS is free, but it ended up costing me
development time and money. I am sure CVS will get better, but I'll
give it a few more years. Meanwhile, I use SourceSafe.

Hung Jung

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