Win98 PySol problem

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> Which brings up my latest problem:
> I managed to re-compile all the bits and pieces (except I see no
> but the pysol_xx.pyc modules are some kind of concatenation of all those
> bits and pieces and I don't know how to build that sucker.  In my
> I could build only pysol_21.pyc since I have only python21 installed, but
> that's OK, I don't need the others in any event. (I think).
> I have seen Py2exe but I don't think that's what I'm after.
> Any ideas?

I have discovered that in .../src is supposed to create the
'bundle' so all I have to do is discover where the output module (pysol.pyc)
has gone or why it did not get created.

I have got some ideas about that - in particular, I think the pysol bundler
needs access to more stuff than comes with the src distribution file,
speciffically cardsets, music, etc.  I do know that the thing won't compile
at all unless license.html is available.

My original problem, with -dither, has been fixed, so on to the next!

BTW: For me Neil's SciTE rules!

This thing takes care of all the DOS nasties, looks great and works!
> --
> Cheers, Bill

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