mayavi installation problem on Win NT

Markus Faust marfadeu at
Thu Nov 8 09:54:55 CET 2001


I tried to install majavi on Windows NT SP 6. I have installed Python 2.1
and therefore used Les Schaffers DLL's for Python 2.x. I have added the
paths to the system and PYTHONPATH (AUTOEXEC.BAT). However when I check
vtkpython.dll with Dependency Walker 2 I get an error

Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export
function in an implicitly dependent module.

The module is VTKDLL.DLL with the routines

void vtkDataArray::GetData(int,int,int,int,class vtkFloatArray *)
void vtkDataArray::CreateDefaultLookupTable(void)
void vtkDataArray::SetLookupTable(class vtkLookupTable *)
void vtkDataArray::SetName(char const *)
char const * vtkDataArray::GetName(void)

Has anybody encountered similar problems and knows what to do? Thanks in


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