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Greg Ward gward at
Fri Nov 16 16:24:06 CET 2001

Hi all --

(This is addressed to everyone who has sent me mail about Optik, cc'd to
python-list so the rest of the Python world can see it too.  For those
on python-list/ who don't know what I'm talking about, Optik is my
new command-line parsing library for Python; see

1) I have created a mailing list for general discussion of Optik:
   optik-users at  Please visit
   to join

2) The current CVS code has the feature that several of you asked for
   (John, I can't remember if you asked for it, but I know you want it):
   the ability for one option to suck in multiple arguments.  See
   CHANGES.txt in CVS for an example.  This is tested, but not yet

Any future questions about Optik should be directed to the optik-users
list, so that everyone interested can see the question and the answer --
and so that both are archived!

Thanks all for your interest --

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