a question of using regular expression

Paul Lutus nospam at nosite.zzz
Wed Nov 28 09:02:18 CET 2001

"Stephen" <fungho at sinaman.com> wrote in message
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> I am now using org.apache.regexp as the regular expression library in
> my Java code. I meet a difficulty in implementating the following
> regular expression, I don't know how to describe it (because of my
> poor English), so I take an example:
> String sText0 = "good morning!";
> String sText1 = "morning! you are very good!";
> RE r = new RE("???????????"); // I have no idea in this
> actually, I just want to get the string which has string "good" at the
> start. Therefore, in this case, sText0 can be got only. How can I do
> this? Thanks!

Why don't you read up on how to write regular expressions? This information
is available on the Internet, in textbooks, and in articles.


Paul Lutus

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