Sockets and messaging services

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at
Wed Nov 28 10:10:26 CET 2001

shriek at (Stephen) wrote in message news:<97ae44ee.0111112119.e8f42d2 at>...
> I have a CGI script which takes a HTTP request then sends
> a message to a custom server built on top of SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer.
> Not that there is much chance of webserver CGI saturating the latter, 
> but does Python have a messaging framework, similar to JMS for Java ? 

As far as messaging frameworks go, for something a bit different, have a
look at OSE. The web site is:

It contains Python interfaces for a HTTP servlet framework, and a distributed
messaging framework. Thus, you can have a service in one process which you
send requests to from the HTTP servlet in a different process, using the
response to generate your HTML etc.

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