What's the value of "None" between 2.1.1 and 1.5.2

Pete Shinners pete at shinners.org
Fri Nov 30 18:59:31 CET 2001

Ozone Hole near South Pole wrote:
>I have written a simulation in python 1.5.2....  It used to work fine.
>When I logged on a new machine which has Python 2.1.1 installed, my
>simulation has gone wild.  Later on, I figured that out one weird thing

>about the value of "None":

not sure how 'kosher' this is, but it's perfectly legal python.
just do something like "None = 0" at the start of any script where you 
want to do numerical comparisons on None :]

of course, you will run into problems with other modules passing you 
"None" and trying to compare it to the None in your module. still, if 
you are just trying to get some old code up and running, this may be a 
quick fix for you

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