python vs ecmascript

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Wed Nov 28 00:26:57 CET 2001

Ron Stephens <rdsteph at> wrote in message news:<3BF5657F.802474EE at>...
> Hello !! ;-)))
> JavaScript is nice because you can embed it in web browsers and use it to do
> input/putupt interfaces over the web. JavaScript and its cousins (ecmascript et
> al) are somewhat unique in working almost all the time in almost all web
> browsers in this regards.
> The above is an advantage of JavaScript over Python. 

True, true.  You can embed JS on the web and it is supported by
"almost all web
 browsers in this regards(sic)" but you can, theoretically, do the
same thing with Python.  You can embed Python script the same way you
would embed JavaScript ot VBScript ( <script language="Python> <!--
etc ).  The client computer needs to have Python installed for this to
work, there are severe limitations put into what can and can't be done
by the script, and, let's face it, most people don't have Python on
their computers.  I just wanted to let you know that even the things
JavaScript has adavantages in over Python are still possible in
Python.  As for my two cents, JavaScript is a scripting language and,
to be quite honest, is quite limited in that repect (I think the
ability to create GUI interfaces was brought up as one example). 
Python has enough capabilities above JavaScript to make it more apt to
compare it to Java, although any of the net scripting could, as I
mentioned before, be done by Python itself.  Take care and happy

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