Alex Martelli (was: Re: Python.NET, MONO and Visual Studio etc.)

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Sun Nov 4 06:19:30 CET 2001

I was told by someone reliable that Alex is working on two Python related
books ;-)))

O'Reilly''s soon to be published:

"Python Cookbook"
"Python in a Nutshell"

and judging by Alex Martelli's writing on comp.lang.python, these should be
real gems as he is brilliant, funny and mind-expanding while being clear and
understandable. ;-)))

"John J. Lee" wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Paul Prescod wrote:
> [...]
> > Alex is working on a couple of books. In the long run you'll thank him.
> [...]
> Excellent.  Python-related?
> John

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