list.sort() fails under Solaris 5.8 for Python 2.1

andres andres at
Thu Nov 29 21:30:24 CET 2001

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the info. I was worried that Python was seeing the same sort
of problems that the "sort" command line utility sees under Solaris. 

I'll produce simple code that reproduces the problem and post it

Tim Peters writes: 

> [Andres Corrada-Emmanuel]
>> I'm having problems with list.sort() on a Solaris 5.8 machine. 
>> My program reads a file that consisting of three columns that it then
>> sorts using list.sort(). 
>> If the input file is small enough (~400 lines), the right output is
>> obtained. If the file is large (~40K lines), the sort silently fails and
>> the list is returned unsorted as originally found in the file. 
>> Has anyone else seen this?
> No bugs have been reported against list.sort() since Python stopped using
> the platform C's qsort.  Make the input file and a small test program
> available, so others can try it? 
> -- 

Andres Corrada 

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