Australian Disco (was: And Now for Something Completely Different! (was: Monty Python (was: Freeware Python editor)))

Gary Stephenson garys at
Thu Nov 8 05:46:41 CET 2001

> I don't know about that, but out here San Andreas is our fault.  <BeeGee>
> ;-)

Ahh, yes!  The Bee Gee's ;-) - another world treasure which we Ozzies are
proud to claim as our own - despite the dubiousness of said claim.  Just
'coz we always thought they sucked big time - and cheered wildly when they
returned whence they came *[1],  that doesn't mean we didn't nurse them
attentively throught their formative years, and imbued them with their deep
musicality and pop sensibilities (hang on - I'm almost being serious here -
I'd better stop and go have a lie down...)


*[1]  -  in Australia all aliens come from just one place - "o.s.", although
some of our older citizens choose to distinguish those from the "mother
country" as separate from the rest of the great unwashed.

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