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> what did you look for?  "formatting, string" and "string formatting"
> and "string documentation" are all in the library reference index...
> ...and there's an entire chapter dedicated to output formatting
> in the tutorial.

The complaints that I have from a few of the people i religiously try to
convert to Python, is that they have a hard time finding information in the
docs. Not that it isn't in there, just that it's hard to find.

Two examples I have encountered recently is that the formatting isn't
crosslinked to from the print function. That would be very simple.
Furthermore it isn't crosslinked from the "string (standard module)"
documentation. Also in the tutorial at: "3.1.2 Strings" there is no
crosslink to formatting.

Also I just re-wrote the calendarmonth from the calendar, as I was not aware
of the calendar module :-(

I looked in the time module to find a way to do calendar arithmetic. Not
expecting to find a calendar module. (I have the essential reference but has
obviously overlooked the calendar modul there too, if it's in there.)

There was no obvious way to do it and no reference to the calender module.

So I reinvented the wheel.

Why not make it a general policy to have relevant module crosslinked?

Also I miss a super simple language feature reference, like the one
Microsoft has on their languages:

In one glance and a click I can figure out where to find the correct
information. The Python Language Reference only makes my brain hurt when I
am trying to solve a problem.

Regards Max M

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