Matrix in Python .

Huaiyu Zhu huaiyu at
Sat Nov 10 00:54:17 CET 2001

On Fri, 09 Nov 2001 12:50:32 +0200, Amit Weisman <weismann at>
>Is there a module for dealing with Matrix ?

Assuming you mean matrix in the mathematical sense, instead of whatever the
film or video that others are joking about, then:

There is the Numeric package.  Search for either "numeric python" or "numpy"
on Google.  I think it is

If you want a more Matlab like syntax, I have a wrapper package MatPy around
NumPy, also on sourceforge.  Haven't updated it for quite some time, though.


PS. Please don't use html in newsgroups.  It's offensive to the senses.

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