HOWTO: Programming S/MIME in Python with M2Crypto

Graeme Longman graeme at
Mon Nov 26 10:28:40 CET 2001

Hi all,

I've been trying to attach digital signatures to mime strings using the
M2Crypto package by using the examples in the HOWTO at :

After adding the signature (attachment) string to the mime string (headers
and body) and receiving this message in Outlook I get the error message:

"Can't open this item. An error occured in the underlying security system"

I get this same error message when using the examples in the HOWTO.

Does anyone know if this is because I am using Outlook to receive the mail
or if this is because there has been an error in the mime string ?

Are there any examples available of using this S/MIME code successfully with
Outlook ?

Thanks in advance,

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