A modest proposal

Hans Nowak wurmy at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 16 06:02:33 CET 2001

Paul Rubin wrote:
> "Stuart D. Gathman" <stuart at bmsi.com> writes:
> > I have been putting my thoughts toward the elusive goal of making python
> > as fast as some LISP dialects.
> The way to do that is with a compiler.  Speeding up access to globals
> may help a little, but probably not nearly as much.

Aight, here's a wild-assed idea, unrelated to the proposal... since
and Lisp are both dynamic languages, would it be possible to write a 
Python-to-Lisp translator, and then compile the Lisp code using one of 
those efficient Lisp compilers?

Just a thought...

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