Running phyton on 50Mips RISC doable?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Oct 31 20:49:28 CET 2001

In article <Xns914BCA6725742cliechtigmxnet at>, Chris Liechti wrote:

>> I'm trying to figure out if I should use Python for my embedded
>> application that needs some scripting.
>> It is an application with 50Mips Risc processor, with little
>> (and slow) memory. So when I want to run the python interpreter
>> on this machine, will it be terrible slow? And more inportant: how
>> mauch memory will I need? a few K? a few hondred K?
>> Is it difficult to port the code such that it will run on this machine?
>> (It uses gcc compiler)
> i have compiled python 2.1.1 on a PPC embedded with Linux (Kernel 2.4). it 
> runs fine on a 16MB/50Mhz board (compiling was done on a board with 64MB).
> When my app runs, Python uses about 3MB of RAM.
> Startup is a bit slow, but entering commands interactively is fine.

There's also a "deeply embedded Python" which puts the VM on an
embedded system with no OS.

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