signum() not in math?

Paul Winkler slinkp23 at
Mon Oct 15 23:32:45 CEST 2001

On 15 Oct 2001 00:57:58 GMT, Andy Todd <andy47 at> wrote:
>slinkp23 at (Paul Winkler) wrote in
>Why not have a look at the work Mark Pilgrim has done in Chapter 6 of 
>diveintopython ( This chapter on unit testing 
>includes a fully functioning roman to decimal and decimal to roman 
>converters, and they come with extensive unit tests.
>You could either use it as a basis for your function or get his permission 
>to post it to the cookbook.

Thanks for the tip; I got a comment to much the same effect at ASPN.
I've now looked at "Dive Into Python" - it's quite good!
I've updated the recipe with some ideas from Mark's approach.


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