ANN: Final draft of GUI Programming with Python and Qt

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Oct 10 21:12:56 CEST 2001

Yesterday evening at about a quarter to ten I finished the final draft
of my book, GUI Programming with Python and Qt, to be published by
Opendocs. This draft is now available at 
(The screenshots appear to be missing, but Joshua is going to fix that.)

If people want to do a technical review, I can send them a whopping
great PDF file (it's more than 600 pages now) - and we hope to go to
press next month, so a paper copy should shortly be in reach of everyone!

This is a short table of contents:

Part I
	Installation BlackAdder and PyQt
	Interface of BlackAdder
	Introduction to Python
Part II: Concepts
  Qt concepts
	Signals and slots
	String objects in Python and Qt
	Python objects and Qt objects
	Qt class hierarchy
	Qt Designer, BlackAdder and uic
Part III: Developing a real application
  Application frameworks
	Actions, menus, toolbars and accelarators
	Automatic testing
  Complex frameworks: multiple documents and views
	User interface paradigms
	Creating Application functionality
	Application configuration
	Using dialog windows
	A macro language
	Drawing on painters and canvases
	GUI design in the baroque age
	Drag and Drop
	Delivering your application
  Using the Qt documentation
	PyQwt and Numpy

While the book of course uses PyQt for all gui work, I hope that I have
succeeded in dealing with topics that are interesting to anyone who tries
to develop a complete, real-world GUI application. Stephen Figgins did
a review of the previous public draft at:


Boudewijn Rempt  | 

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