OT: Python Web Developer Needed ASAP (Must be able to start in 2 days)

Dave Cinege dcinege at psychosis.com
Sat Oct 20 00:04:46 CEST 2001

Sorry to be posting the list but I need somebody yesterday.
Please reply directly off list. Please reply with a phone number
as I don't have time to play email tag. Please include URL's to
examples of your work. International Inquiries welcome.

I've got a web based system I've been working on that I need help
with. The system is used for viewing dynamic report data from
a developing python CGI with (currently) MySQL backend.

Main problem:
I'm not a 'web guy'. I can't make pretty pages and don't want to be
bothered with CGI. My primary job is low level (kernel,protocol,network
layer,sysadmin) stuff.

Current problem:
Need to make a 2 week dead line to merge the current system with a
version that is refined and has a professional look to it. I lack time
and html layout ability to make that happen by myself.

We have another person that was to do this but they lack time and
experience. We do have a rough page they created in dreamweaver
we're happy with and can be used to get going with. (Tab'ed interface
using layers)

Someone able to create a professional looking layered interface
and merge the current CGI to operate with it.

Basically the core cgi is coded. All you need to do is modifiy SQL (dict and 
tuple) output in a table to a layer. (Refining the table data and look)

Skills you must have:
Professional site layout and page drawing (Dreamweaver,etc)
Intermediate Python programming in Linux/Apache/mod_python CGI evironment
Javascript (probably, unless we can get around it)
Basic SQL query (select) knowledge
Understanding of socket (ip) level operations a big plus
'Broadband' internet access will help.
Ability to begin work immediatly
Ability to put in long hours to meet the deadline
Ability to work with little handholding

Initial 2 weeks. Possiblity it will lead into longer term especially
if you have strong skills. (3 months or more)


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