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Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Wed Oct 31 20:57:55 CET 2001

On Wednesday 31 October 2001 11:49, lance crocker wrote:
> i just tried putting that path into the autoexec file and rebooting.
> it didn't change anything i still get the same errors.
> when you go to open a file how do you do it? do you type python
> while you are in commandline mode or while you are in gui
> mode?

There was an earlier post with the answer to your question.  In your original 
post you said you did the following:

>>> python

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

The ">>>" shows me that you are _in_ the Python interpreter.  That  means you 
don't need to try to run it again (in fact, as you discovered, you can't).  
Instead, at the DOS/Windows command line, type


be sure you are in the same directory as


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