Profiling the Python Interpreter

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Thu Oct 4 15:17:31 CEST 2001

"lokie.spods" <lokie.spods at> writes:
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> An easy question to answer without the need for profiling the Python
> interpreter. Cygwin essentially provides an API layer between the host OS
> and the compiled code, adding a nice speed bottleneck.
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> Anthony McDonald

I assumed something like this too. Believing doesn't make it true
though. It turns out Cygwin is NOT the major problem. Running my
program on identical hardware running Linux and the same version of
Python+Numeric, runs about 25% slower than native Windows Python. The
problem is evidently the quality of the code produced by gcc versus
MSVC. There are numerous threads on various groups reporting
comparable slowdowns between gcc and MSVC.

Not so easy to answer.


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