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> [quoting someone else]
>|> How can i received in 2 separeted variables ?
>| Use a datagram service, or impose a datagram protocol on top of
>| a stream service.
>| I think the world really needs a reliable datagram service to
>| sit alongside TCP and UDP...
> I would think the diagram would put it on top of UDP, right?
> Should be doable.

Sure, you use user-space code to either put datagrams on top of
TCP or reliability on top of UDP. But, I don't think it should
be something done in user-space.  I think SOCK_SEQPACKET should
be implimented on top of IP in the network stack along with

But that's just because I'm tired of running into problems
caused by the assumption that TCP is a datagram protocol, and
tired of hacking a datagram protocols onto the top of TCP to
fix those problems.

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