Seeking Jython tool to "inspect" live java server

Michael Chermside mcherm at
Fri Oct 19 15:44:43 CEST 2001

Jython users:

I'm looking for what I think would be an EXCELLENT tool for debugging 
code running inside a java server (in my case, an application server 
like WebLogic). Java lacks an interactive mode, and most debuggers are a 
pain to use and also won't work well when trying to debug code that runs 
inside a large server system, and I very often find myself adding print 
statements and restarting the server.

The answer is Jython. A small jython class could be run "within" the 
server (so it's sharing the same java virtual machine). It could accept 
telnet connections on some port, then allow the evaluation of arbitrary 
input -- an interactive shell. Basically, I could start up the server 
with this class active, and then telnet in and have a jython shell from 
which to examine my system.

Does anyone have such a class already? If not, I'll write one (shouldn't 
be hard, right?) in which case is there any advice anyone wants to give me?

-- Michael Chermside
    python at

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