2.2, iterators, list comprehensions, get/set, & win32all

Mike Dean klaatu at plato.evertek.net
Fri Oct 26 05:34:50 CEST 2001

I'm wanting to do some experimenting with Python 2.2, and I have a
couple of questions....

First, do list comprehensions use the new iterator/generator protocol in
their for loop, or do they use the old method of sequence iteration?

Also, it seems like I remember seeing something about
__get_spam__/__set_spam__ (or something like that) magic methods in
Python 2.2 - am I correct that such animals exist, and if so, where are
they documented (specifically in the 2.2b1 manual)?

And the third question - Are binaries of win32all for 2.2 available
anywhere (they aren't on ActiveState's site), and if not, when can I
expect them (better yet, how can I build them myself?  I've been able to
compile successfully, except for Active Debugging, but I don't know how
to set up the final directory structure.....)


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