PythonWin 2.1 saving bugg???

Tim Gahnström /Bladerman tim at
Wed Oct 31 12:33:06 CET 2001

"Neil Hodgson" <nhodgson at> skrev i meddelandet
news:r1JD7.269830$bY5.1078011 at
> Tim Gahnström:
> > I were in the testing phase of a program I had made (actually a lab
> report)
> > . When PythonWin 2.1 for some reason didnt want to save my file again. I
> > tried saving it under a different name but it didnt work either, it just
> > ended up with a text saying
> > saving...
> > in the bottom grey field.
> > I had just done minor changes since last save so I didnt really consider
> it

>    Have a look in the temporary directory. There should be a subdirectory
> called bak containing backups made by PythonWin. The location of the
> temporary directory is normally set by the TEMP or TMP environment
> If you can't find this then use the search files command to search "Local
> harddrives" for the file name you were using.

I have used the search funktion upside down, searched for filname fragments
and texts in files bu havnt found anyghing yet :-(
And that Temp enviroment variable place didnt work out either :-)

First of all I couldnt even find the folder becahse it was "hidden" When I
atlast found it it contained perfect backups of al the other files, but not
my little puppy :-(
But thanks for that tip anyway, I hadnt looked there.

>    Did you run out of disk space? That is one of the best ways to provoke
> behaviour like this.

What I dont understand is, how can this happen? is this how the pythonwin
savingfunction works?

Save new_file_that_current_spot

Then I wounder wy it doesnt work like this.


Then atleast this problem wouldnt show up.

And about that temp file I would suggest  that the tempfile were a
generation old like this.


then the tempfile couldnt get screwed up unless the nefile were finished
The problem would be that the tempfile would always be one saving old... but
atleat it would be there :p

BTW is this what openSource is about? If I look over the saving routines in
PythonWin and find that they can be done better and fix it, is there a good
chanse that, that will be incorporated into the next release?
BTW... Maybe they work just like I lined out and there is just no problem,
or I have a virus or whatever... I am stil angry though :p

Tim Gahnström
>    Neil

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