Modules for Python

Michael Murdock mmurdock at
Sat Oct 27 02:59:12 CEST 2001

Sometime last year there was an article in Dr. Dobbs or a similar mag that
had Python code for reading and writing Excel data. I have the code
but I can't find anything else about the article. I will check at home this
weekend. But it was not a full Excel module; more just some classes for
doing simple stuff.

If you would like these Python files, let me know and I can email them
to you.

HTH -Michael.

"Lukasz Pawelczyk" <pawelczyk at> wrote in message
news:3BD7F263.2F3FAEB6 at
> Hello,
> Could anyone tell me where I can find the modules for Python?
> Especially, I am looking for any module to read MS Excel files
> in Python.
> Thanks,
> Lukasz

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