Coding exceptions with patter-matching

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Oct 28 06:14:09 CET 2001

Martin von Loewis wrote:
> tiago.tresoldi at (Tiago Tresoldi) writes:
> > Now I've found a problem dealing with exceptions in human languages.
> > For example, how to code that you have feet instead of foots?
> If your current approach is to start with a word-by-word translation,
> I'd say you can give up right now - there is no chance that you'll
> ever achieve reasonable translation of natural languages.

A cursory examination of their web site suggests they are not
quite so naive as all that.  In any case perhaps a slightly fresh 
approach to the problem will lead to inspirations which those more 
conservative have not yet had...

The Traduki meta-language is a collection of lists (remember that 
Traduki is programmed in Python) that are somewhat modelled on the 
generative grammars of Noam Chomsky. There is no real translation to 
another language: we try to interpret and parse the concepts and ideas 
of a text and then translate this into the user-defined language. 
Esperanto is used, but only for a word-by-word translation. This is 
better because Esperanto is a well-known language that many people 
with different languages and interests speak, so that almost all the 
words of all languages have a translation ....

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