Is round() broken?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Oct 31 23:52:12 CET 2001

Joseph Wilhelm wrote:

> I'm having some troubles with round() now... either I'm doing it completely
> wrong or round() is.

round is doing what it's supposed to do.  and there's nothing
wrong with the way you use it either.  read on.

> >>> round( 43583.010000000002, 2 )
> 43583.010000000002

on the other hand,

>>> print round(43583.010000000000002, 2)

looks like the same number might look different, depending on
how you print it.  confusing?  read on.

> If I look at the field through pgAdmin, I just see it as "43583.01",
> instead of that whole big long decimal. Is it supposed to come out
> like this?

it depends on what you do to print it.  for the full story, read this:


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