Q: standard makefile for distutils package?

Greg Ward gward at python.net
Fri Oct 19 00:01:57 CEST 2001

In article <9qj7a8$ncs$1 at news.netvision.net.il>, Miki Tebeka wrote:
>  Hello All,
>  Is there a standard makefile to ship with a distutils created package
>  (./setup.py sdist)

No.  "make" was deemed unportable at the Distutils design/planning
meeting at IPC7.

>  all:
>          @echo Please specify one of the following:
>          @python setup.py --help-commands | head -18 | tail -17

Umm, what if someone adds a command to the Distutils?  This is *really*
fragile.  If you're determined to use such a kludge, why not

  python setup.py --help-commands | sed '/^ *$/ q'

to quit after the blank line?

Anyways, the idea of distributing a Makefile is just plain bogus.
People should get used to
  python setup.py install

It's not *that* hard.

Greg Ward                               gward at python.net

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