where to get popy??

Paolo Comitini pcm at initd.org
Sat Oct 20 12:11:58 CEST 2001

"Markus Jais" <mjais at web.de> wrote in message news:<pan.2001. at web.de>...
> hello
> I was at
> http://popy.sourceforge.net/
> but there is not link to get a stable tarball for popy!
> I can only get a cvs version
> and at http://www.nekhem.com/, there is not much right now.
> maybe I am just blind, but can someone give a link
> where to find the latest stable version of popy???
> thanks
> markus
If you need a python postgresql driver you can try also:


Paolo Comitini
pcm at initd.org

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