GNU wars again (was Re: Proposal: add vector arithmetic to array module)

Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at
Mon Oct 1 20:04:25 CEST 2001

On Monday 01 October 2001 10:07, Open Systems wrote:
> Whoa nelly. Can't let that fly. "...since it is the continuing
> availability of the code, and variations on it, that the license
> ensures". First of all Code that is BSDL'ed is ALWAYS available for the
> user AND developer in the form it was released as BSDL'ed code. You *cant*

True, but he also said "variations on" the original code as well, which BSDL 
doesn't ensure. 

> take it away any more then you can take back air on the planet and bottle
> it all up and charge people for it. The second problem with the GPL is
> your second point. "and variations on it" the GPL attempts to take and
> take and take. It attempts to take code that doesnt belong to you. Like a
> virus wrapping around healthy DNA it attempts to re-write the healthy DNA
> with its own code "the GPL license" thereby freeing up the entire
> application that uses any GPL code in it to also become available under
> the GPL to infect more code out there, and to end binary only
> distributions, and to do other evil things. So dont try saying the GPL is

"other evil things"????  I'm going to skip that part, I'll read it on MSN 

> free. It is NOT free. And no one says buys that argument. I dont have a
> problem with the GPL as long as you do not call it free code when its
> applied to code. It's a bold faced lie.

It's free, and you're free not to use it if you don't want your code to be 
free.  It's called a trade-off.  You get the combined efforts of thousands of 
GNU programmers to help you solve your problem, and in turn you provide your 
little bit of help back.  I can definitely commiserate since I write 
proprietary applications in my workplace, but I can't complain, since whether 
to use GPL'd code is always *my* choice - not really very viral in any sense 
of the word.  When was the last time you thought "Naw, I don't think I'll get 
the flu/code red this year."


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