Nicer Tkinter on UNIX?

Mark Berry pengo243 at
Wed Oct 3 13:24:48 CEST 2001

If you are looking for a very good looking interface on unix, you
should go over to and take a look at the python
bindings for QT.  I spent one late evening playing with the QT
interface designer.  After understanding how to setup my own
callbacks, etc I was able to write simple applications in minutes.

It's actually not too far off from Tkinter in code implimentation and
looks fantastic, at least as good as any QT based application.

The only thing I am not sure about is the cross-platform usefulness.
I don't think you will be Tkinter in this.

Anyway, good luck and I hope you find what works best for you! :)

On 3 Oct 2001 10:39:55 GMT, Artur Skura <arturs at> wrote:

>[It's not particularly Pythonish question, but I thought you might know]
>I like Tkinter because it's standard. But there is a big but.
>While on Windows it looks great, on unices it makes kids laugh.
>Not that it's particularly ugly, but quite awkward and not up to the
>aesthetic standards people expect now.
>Is there a way to make Tkinter use KDE/GTK themes on unices? Or change the
>interface in any way? (I don't consider wx... stuff, as it forces users to
>install additional software).

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