Python COM for Microsoft Project (thanks)

Mike Brenner mikeb at
Tue Oct 16 20:46:55 CEST 2001

Thank you all -- these answers were very helpful. There is nothing wrong with the COM browser, except my own ignorance -- I ran combrowse instead of makepy. 

Mike Brenner <mikeb at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1003186882.938.python-list at>:

> For the next line of code, I would like to resave the file as a tab-delimited file for further processing in Python.
Actually, I will build a robot that opens all the MP files and resaves them. 
> - Is there a URI to download the objects and methods that are now available? 
> - Or is the list of objects somehow hidden inside my Visual Studio or my Microsoft Developer CDs? 
> - Or do I need to buy Visual Basic for Applications or some other application to gain access to the objects?
> - Is there an upgrade to the COM object browser that comes with Python for Windows?

stjepan.zlodi at (Stjepan Zlodi) wrote:
What's wrong with COM object browser in your Python distribution?
In my ActiveState Python distribution I have win32com\client directory
in which is script. With that script I can make python
module for each COM object file on my computer.

Steve wrote: 
A Google search (have you seen ?) for
    microsoft project object model
should give you plenty of details about the API, which is usually where one
needs information in starting to drive a new application via COM. In

Mark wrote: 
For the "list of objects" (classes, actually) that Microsoft Project exports
(if it behaves like their other VBA enabled applications), simply do the
	Run Microsoft Project
	Select menu: Tools -> Macros-> Visual Basic Editor
	Select menu: View -> Project Explorer
	In the first list box, select the application itself, and you will see the
	API, annotated by class.

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