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>I am beginning work on a large database application, primarily for the
>Win32 platform, and I would like to write it in Python with wxPython
>if at all possible.
>However, I have one problem.  I need access to an advanced reporting
>engine.  I'd like to use Crystal Reports - is there a way to use the
>Crystal Reports viewer from Python/wxWindows?  If there is another
>fairly complete reporting engine that would integrate better into
>Python/wxWindows, I would be more than willing to consider it.
>Pythonwin may also be an option for me, if it is easier to integrate a
>reporting engine into it.  However, I'm not terribly keen on that
>option due to lack of documentation (or is there documentation I am
>not aware of?).
>And my final option (besides pure Visual Basic, which I don't really
>want to do) is a Visual Basic GUI and a Python business logic layer -
>but this seems like it would be a lot of extra debugging, or am I
>wrong somehow?
>Any advice would be most appreciated!
>Thank you,

I'll leave it to the wxPython gurus to give you specific tips on 
integrating with RDBMS, suffice it to say that it is not a problem but you 
may want to write your own persistence layer to map between Python's object 
model and the relational model you will be using in your database.

I presume you are running on Windows, in which case you should be able to 
manage Crystal Reports from within your application by utilising its COM 
interface. For more info on controlling other apps from Python using COM I 
recommend Mark Hammond and Andy Robinson's book 'Python Programming on 
Win32' ( and if you have 
Win32all (either installed seperately or it comes with Active Python from 
Active State) you should have access to the 'COM Readme' on the same menu 
that you start Python from. Finally, Mark Hammond is fairly active on c.l.p 
so search the archives on google and you will find some great examples of 
driving applications via COM.

Of course, if you're not on Windows this is no good.

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