Psyco Specializing Compiler

Armin Steinhoff Armin_member at
Fri Oct 12 12:16:46 CEST 2001

Sounds great Armin!! :)


In article <3bc4d2e4$0$36473$ba620e4c at>, "Rigo says...
>Hello everybody,
>"Psyco", the Python Specializing Compiler I introduced some time ago on the
>python-dev mailing list, is beginning to work. Its goal is to accelerate
>execution of any Python program by dynamically compiling several
>"specialized" versions of your code directly in machine code. For more info
>Currently works on very simple examples only, but quite well: with an
>acceleration factor of 100, including the compilation time! I expect a
>factor of about 10 in compiling real code.
>Python is known to be "impossible to compile". Psyco shows that it is only
>half the story. True, Psyco does not statically compile your code, so don't
>expect to turn a .py file into a stand-alone .exe file. This still requires
>the full interpreter. But Python or any other interpreted language can
>theoretically be run as fast as fully optimized C. If you don't believe it
>wait for a full-featured Psyco. It won't be as fast as C but it will
>probably be faster than you believed was possible :-)
>Armin Rigo

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