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Kerim Borchaev ( WarKiD ) warkid at storm.ru
Tue Oct 23 15:35:19 CEST 2001

Hello Giorgi,

  try this( works for me ):


Best regards,
 Kerim                            mailto:warkid at storm.ru

Tuesday, October 23, 2001, 10:54:23 PM, you wrote:

GL> Hi folks!

GL> My problem is the following:
GL> I want to save initial data matrix, as e.g., follows
GL>     self.Mdata=Matr
GL> In the same time I need a matrix, which is used and processed. The
GL> latter is created as follows
GL>     self.Mactual=self.Mdata

GL> No the problem is, that, when I have finished to use the Mactual matrix,
GL> self.Mdata is always changed and equals the final Mactual matrix.

GL> What is the systematic solution of the problem?

GL> Thanx in advance,
GL> Giorgi

GL> PS. I use Numeric module.

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