HELP -- py2exe failed to build app that uses scipy.plt

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Fri Oct 26 08:39:34 CEST 2001

"eric jones" <eric at enthought. com> wrote in message news:pX3C7.535$ai7.37456 at
> > An additional problem (I've looked into it) leading to the
> > syntax error Phil gets is that scipy contains files with
> > very strange line separators '\r\r\n' IIRC.
> That doesn't sound good.  I'd like everything to use Unix file format.
> We'll work on rooting this out.  If anyone has a tool to run on the tree to
> correct the problem, I'd be much obliged.
> eric

I've seen this problem before, maybe someone imported files with
dos-style line endings into CVS from a unix system?
I don't use unix/linux myself very much, but have you tried dos2unix
or how it's exactly called?


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