Conditional Expressions don't solve the problem

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>Hi Dale,
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>> But worst of all is that I can't assign a value and test it at the
>> same time. It means I have to add at least an extra line of code and I
>> have to retype a variable name. It makes for more verbose code and it
>> reduces my productivity.
>Are you sure you need to "assign a value and test it at the same time"


> Are you saying that just because that's what you're used to from C ?


>What are the _problems_ you encounter that make you wish for this
>feature ? 

Too many and varied to have any hope of addressing them all with
specific inventions. And why bother with other inventions when this
small facility would do the job?

Also, why should I spend longer investigating a 'pythonic' solution
(and some are pretty obscure) when I *know* my 'traditional' construct
will do the job nicely and very transparetly to most programmers. 

> What are the alternative solutions to those problems ?

More code.

Dale Strickland-Clark
Riverhall Systems Ltd

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