Curl-ing, anyone?

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Fri Oct 26 12:21:13 CEST 2001

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>> I don't think so, what about it makes you consider the possibility?
>Just that I find the language cool (though I'm disappointed with the
>lack of facility for incrementally re-defining classes, or at least I
>haven't found a way to do it), and the IDE even cooler. I always have
>a soft spot for things well done.

I haven't looked at curl at all, but from what I hear it's probably
already lost - there are too many other web-based scripting languages
out there that it is unlikely to catch on - especially being

Another note about your reply though - the IDE _is not_ the language.
If you like the way the IDE works, why not implement those features in
your own IDE?

I just checked out wxDesigner - looks pretty nice, but it's too
expensive for my pocket.  On the free side there is always BOA
Constructer which, although still very young and in beta, is fairly
nice to work with.


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